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Funeral Pre-Planning - Fremont CA

Were you aware that Fremont Memorial Chapel offers Funeral Pre-Planning Services right here in Fremont CA? At Fremont Memorial Chapel, we encourage people to think about planning their own funeral and memorial services. Planning ahead takes the pressure off of your family after your death, allowing them to begin the grieving process. Important decisions about what they believe you wanted will not weigh heavily on their minds. We encourage families to have the talk about the final arrangements you desire. For more information about this, visit the following page:

Whether you are making arrangements with a parent or for yourself, we would like to point out the advantage of pre-payment. The Fremont Memorial chapel Pre-Payment Plan locks your final services at today's prices. This price will be honored irrespective of the time at which our services might be required. We guarantee that the the plan will cover all costs of the Funeral Director and service. The prepaid funds are kept secured in a funeral fund and offer you peace of mind. The money is kept there until our services are required. Give us a call today and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding immediate need or pre-planning. (510) 793-8900.