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Funeral Home Services and Cremation in San Jose CA

Fremont Memorial Chapel provides San Jose and surrounding communities with cremation and funeral home services. Currently, we operate two funeral homes in Fremont, California. This website has been created as a useful resource for the bereaved or for those planning ahead for their own funeral arrangements. As a family owned and operated company, the Rose family adheres to a simple principle.When you come to us, you will be treated as our family. Our compassionate staff strives to ease the pain of the difficult time you are going through as much as possible. As we are free from national chains, we are able to offer flexibility in our funeral services. We provide the highest standard of care to families that we work with.

Many find that dealing with a funeral home during a time of mourning is stressful. Through Fremont Memorial Chapel, our family and staff have earned a reputation for dignity and quality over the years. Our funeral directors offer compassion and meticulous service. We pride ourselves on offering a professional, caring and compassionate funeral service. Give a call to one of our funeral directors if there is anything that you are not able to find on this website.We offer a wide variety of services ranging from cremation to traditional graveyard burial. We also do Indian funeral services as well as Catholic Traditional services. We cater to all denominations. Everything is planned as per the wishes of the family under the guidance of our friendly staff. Our friendly staff will take care of every aspect of the funeral service that includes prearranged funerals as well as various other arrangements. We also provide funeral shipping services.

We also help people who want to prearrange and prepay for their own funeral. The prepayment funeral plan is best for those who would like to make all the arrangements in advance for the type of funeral they would want. This spares a grieving family from making tough decisions at such a difficult time. Pre-arranging your funeral makes economic sense, as well. While a life insurance policy or savings account does offer you some return, the biggest advantage of pre-payment funeral plan is that you can pay for the services at today's prices. This price will be honored irrespective of the time at which our services might be required. We guarantee that the the plan will cover all costs of the Funeral Director and service. The prepaid funds are kept secured in a funeral fund and offer you peace of mind. The money is kept there until our services are required. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding immediate need or pre-planning. Call (510) 793-8900 today.