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Funeral Home Services and Cremation in East Palo Alto CA

Fremont Memorial Chapel provides first rate funeral home services and cremation in the East Palo Alto CA service area. We are a family owned mortuary and funeral home. Our company and staff offer compassionate care and a wide range of services to all denominations. When you need professional help planning a funeral service, do not hesitate to contact our funeral directors for assistance. We all know it is difficult to trust someone you do not know to take care of final arrangements for a loved alone. Our family has been in the funeral business for years. We have cultivated a reputation for dignity and quality in the funeral services we offer. We proud to say that our directors are aware of every aspect and detail from the start to the conclusion of the funeral service.

The Memorial Chapel offers an array of services from cremation to traditional graveside burial. We also offer Catholic Traditional funeral services as well as Indian funeral services. We also provide funeral shipping services. We respect and serve all denominations. All funeral arrangements are in accordance to the plans of our clients combined with the guidance of our experienced professionals. We are able to handle any aspect of a funeral service including pre-arranged funerals.

A huge advantage of paying in advance over life insurance or a service account is that you can pay now, at the current price regardless when the services will be needed and we can assure you that the costs for the funeral will be pre-paid. Ideally, you get to have the peace of mind knowing that the money you have paid is safe and will be kept in a funeral fund until the services are required. If you want the best funeral services in East Palo Alto California and its surrounding areas, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always available and willing to answer any questions you may have. Please get in touch with us today at (510) 793-8900.