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Advance Funeral Planning - Fremont CA

We are the Rose family, and we own two funeral parlors in Fremont CA. We encourage couples to  discuss advance funeral planning at Fremont Memorial Chapel. There are major advantages to selecting your funeral or memorial service options with pre-payment. At Fremont Memorial Chapel, our funeral directors will be happy to help you and your family with your final service arrangements. The beauty of planning the exact type of service you want is that it takes the pressure off your loved ones after you pass. Your children and spouse are spared the stress of making decisions as they grieve. Pre-payment at today's prices is a very good reason to consider planning ahead.

The Rose family and our funeral directors offer the highest standard of care to families. Whether traditional graveyard burial or cremation are your preference, know that we offer services for all religious denominations. The funeral directors at Fremont Memorial Chapel will take the time needed to counsel your family, if necessary. We accommodate each family's wishes where memorial services, funerals or cremation are concerned. Our friendly staff will take care of every aspect of the funeral service and various other arrangements. We also provide funeral shipping services. 

We encourage couples come in to pre-arrange their own funeral or memorial plans. An important advantage of a prepaid plan is that you will lock in the cost of your future funeral. Removing the unexpected expense of funeral arrangements will be appreciated by your family when the time comes. Give a call to one of our funeral directors if there is anything that you are not able to find on this website. Call (510) 793-8900.