Free Resources for Veterans with Asbestos Related Claims

My name is Carl Jewett, and I’m a retired Naval Officer with just under 24 years on active duty in the submarine force. I now serve as a VA Accredited Claims Agent specializing in asbestos related VA claims for Disability Compensation, Pension and Dependency & Indemnity Compensation (DIC). 

Veterans make up the single largest group of people affected by asbestos illnesses, comprising almost 1/3 of all diagnoses each year. And I have personally lost several Navy Buddies to these totally preventable diseases. 

But veterans need to know that there are free resources available to them to help them in fighting these illnesses and that they are usually eligible for compensation through the VA. Our website features a veteran’s section that offers veteran-specific resources and support for patients and families.

Carl JewettLCDR, US Navy, Retired VA Accredited Claims Agent

For telephone support, call 844-VET-MESO or 844-838-6376.

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